Saturday, 1 September 2007

Get Out of That Rut and Find Inspiration

A major tragedy in life is when you get stuck in a rut. When you keep doing something you really do not enjoy.

I had this experience a while ago while working full-time for a company and it really started to get to me. Eventually I realised I had to get myself out of the situation. It was not an easy decision because of all the commitments I had made to the work, but in the context of my life I knew I had no choice but to leave.

I left to travel the other side of the world for a bit and this was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Leaving that situation allowed me to clear my mind and get a completely new perspective on life.

After returning I found myself invigorated and travelling down a new path towards my chosen destiny. I urge you to make the same changes if you have not already. The inspiration to make these kind of changes are easy to find, but you have to break your habit.

I was walking around our garden yesterday and I was refreshed with a new perspective of where I am at now and where I want to go. Inspiration really is easy to find. You just have to get the courage to break your current pattern so that you can take a more objective look at how your life really is today.