Thursday, 16 August 2007

Why Immersion is the Essential Factor to Any Success Model

If you have read a lot on how to achieve any particular skillset then you will probably have come across a lot of different advice.

Some advice is very simple and effective. If, however, you are like me then you will have found that producing the results you want using one piece of advice alone is rarely enough.

One way of explaining this is that the advice comes from the author's "map" of the world or reality. This means that his model (or advice) will make perfect sense in the context of his reality, however, it may not make sense (or at least be as effective) in the context of yours.

This is why when you read a short article with a title like "5 steps to financial abundance", although it could be accurate, it will probably not be enough for you to achieve as larger goal as financial abundance. This is because you are not interpreting the steps from the same context as that of the author's.

In order to effectively copy someone's strategy for achieving a particular outcome it takes more than just listening to a brief description of how they believe it works.

What you really need to do to achieve that outcome is to change your reality to that of someone who has achieved your goal. This takes more than just copying someone's success model, which is by definition only a simplification of reality. In order to achieve your goal you must immerse yourself in the reality of those people who have already achieved it. Ways of doing this include reading many books on your area of interest, studying biographies of those who have achieved what you want and meeting up with these people and discussing in detail the tiny distinctions that allows them to produce their unique results.

It may be that you are already applying these principles in some parts of your life. I know I do when I play sport, because as I spend more time with team mates who are better than me I adopt their different strategies for producing better results.

The challenge is to take this knowledge and apply it consciously to achieve the goals you want faster than you ever have before.