Saturday, 4 August 2007

How to Love What You Hate

This is a follow-up from my procrastination post.

The only trouble with the technique I just suggested is - what if you don't like to do what you have to do?

I think that if you don't like to do what you have to do it's because you're coming from an unresourceful perspective that I too find myself getting trapped in sometimes.

Physical exercise is a great example. We all know we should do it, but some of us just don't seem to enjoy it.

The real missing factor here is creativity and challenge.

Anything is enjoyable if we are creative enough and appreciate the challenge in something.

Some people love to exercise because they love the opportunity to beat their last record and grow.

Other people exercise because it's a great opportunity to socialise, for example by joining a sport's team or running club.

You think these guys have to beat themselves up to get out there and exercise?

These guys get annoyed if they miss a workout.

I genuinely believe that everything in life can be made enjoyable. Even if something seems painful, the challenge will help me to grow which I find very enjoyable.

Now the real challenge is conditioning myself to always look at things this way, because it's definately not in the human nature to do so.