Friday, 17 August 2007

Using Different Advice from Different Gurus

In my last two posts I have talked about the use of immersion to achieve a large goal, such as becoming financially independent.

In order to achieve large goals I believe as many different techniques as possible should be used. So what is another effective technique to achieve a large goal?

As I mentioned in my previous posts different people will offer different advice for achieving the same goal. This happens because people's advice comes from a simplification of their reality. People will therefore produce different advice if they are simplifying different realities.

So what's the best way of tackling this issue?

Try out every one's advice. This is a real simple one, but not necessarily that obvious. If two gurus in an area are offering different advice. Try them both out and measure your results. Then go find another guru and try out his advice. If you continue this process you will eventually achieve your goal, because you will eventually find advice that is most suited to your reality.