Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Think Big To Enrich Your Life

I've made a pretty fundamental observation of the most successful and fulfilled people in the world.

This observation is that they all think BIG.

It's so simple but it's something that really makes a big difference.

Thinking on a large scale makes so many daily worries and tiny issues not worth worrying about.

If you were trying to get a unique new message out to millions of people would it ruin your day if you forgot to buy something from the supermarket?

If you were developing a product that could change the lives of millions would you care if someone gave you a nasty look while you were walking around town?

The chances are that you wouldn't, because your big idea eclipses so many of the small challenges of your daily life.

What concept excites you more - earning £10,000 in a year to pay your bills, or earning £10,000,000 to live the life you want to live?

Thinking big solves so many challenges and really enriches your life.

What would you enjoy getting out of bed for - punching numbers into a computer all day or working to touch the lives of millions?