Friday, 17 August 2007

How to Use A Successful Person's Common Sense

(This post is easier to understand and apply having read my other post on immersion and success models first.)

I find it interesting when I read about businessmen or women who say they apply a common sense approach to business (or any other area) to produce great results.

The thing I find interesting is that if this "sense" is so common then why aren't more people using it and also producing great results?

I believe that to the individual it will feel very much like they are applying common sense to overcome problems. The issue is that their solutions are common sense in the context of their reality. Common sense in the context of someone else's reality may, however, produce completely different results.

This is why when I hear about someone using a common sense approach I will often want to find out much more about how this person thinks.

How to apply this knowledge ties up well with my other post on immersion and success models. In that post I describe that if you want to achieve an outcome that someone else can, then you need to immerse yourself in the reality of that particular person. Having done that you can then apply their "success model" effectively.

So if you want to produce results using someone's "common sense" you can apply the same principles. You must immerse yourself in that person's reality until your reality becomes much like theirs. Once you share similar realities you too should begin to see the solution to certain challenges as common sense.